taking charge

We’re getting back in the groove.  A 5th grader, a 2nd grader, and a spunky take-charge toddler.

This morning on our way to the bus stop, Josiah designated himself as caretaker of big sister’s backpack.  He proudly pulled it along behind him.  Focused.  Serious. He screeched and wailed if anyone so much as touched the backpack, even just to help adjust the course when stuck, or to set it right when he was pulling it upside down.  When his sisters finally boarded the bus and the bus pulled away, he sobbed.

Sad to see his sisters go?  Perhaps.

Sad – very sad – to see the backpack go?  Definitely.

When we met the girls at the end of their school day, he quickly took charge of the backpack once again.  But this time a popsicle did divert his attention.  I had originally bought the mango ice pop for myself, thinking I could get away with just sharing a bit here and there with our little man.  But Josiah had other plans, which he verbalized (screamed) with gusto.

I didn’t get much of that popsicle.  But that’s OK.  Especially after he dropped it, held it against his T-shirt while pulling the backpack, and then set it down on the sidewalk so he could more easily manage his way up the steps.


This little boy is SO awesome.  And has decided he’s a fan of popsicles.  A few months ago he wasn’t so sure!