Update on Maggie and Hope

Update on Maggie and Hope
July 2, 2013 4:30PM 

Here is the latest news on Maggie’s status: 

Maggie has finally awakened from surgery. 

Doctors have informed her of the encouraging news of her daughter’s birth, which is giving her the much-needed desire to survive. 

The cancer and surgery have caused massive swelling, and Maggie is not able to talk or move. Her lungs are full of fluid and not functioning. Her doctors have downgraded her from “late stage cancer” to “terminal or end-stage cancer” and have notified her family to prepare for her passing, which is rapidly approaching. 

Baby Hope is still under close watch in the ICU and visits are not allowed until tomorrow. 

Please keep up your earnest prayers for a miracle!!! 

Thank you to the many of you who have generously donated to our Hope for Maggie Fund. If you want to send a card or email to Maggie, you can send them to CCAI (mail@ccaifamily.org). We will make sure to deliver your wishes to her and her family as quickly as possible!! 

To donate to the Hope for Maggie Fund, please visit



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