5 K Fun Run

Our school held a 5K fun run yesterday afternoon as a fund-raiser for students’ summer service trips.  All five Wickershams joined the fun!


I realize that we’re not looking much like true runners, but who’s to say you can’t run a 5 K in a cotton dress or while pushing your kid in an umbrella stroller? We DO have our numbers pinned on, which makes us look a tad bit official. 🙂 And speaking of numbers, perhaps my favorite part of the whole experience was enjoying how cute little Josiah looked with his number pinned on his shirt.

So we ran around the school, then some surrounding blocks, and then around a lake on the nearby university campus before returning to our school to find the finish line.  Rose was the first Wickersham to cross the line, followed by Daddy (slowed down by his recent knee injury) and then lastly Grace and me, pushing a very laid-back Josiah.


The girls surprised us with their great attitudes and impressive endurance.  Already planning to join next year’s event!



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