french toast

Josiah has proven to be a VERY happy eater, and digs into most anything we give him to try.  If I am feeding him, he often shouts between bites because I’m not able to feed him as quickly as he desires.  If I need to return to the kitchen to refill his bowl, the moments he’s required to wait nearly put him over the edge!

He is ever so gradually becoming more patient, but in the meantime, it’s just fun to have such an eager eater at the table.  His diet at the orphanage consisted mostly of congee, formula, and cookies, so we’re guessing that many of the things he is now eating are brand new.

Here are some shots of his first experience with French toast (sans butter and syrup, for now.)




I think he gives it a thumbs up!


2 thoughts on “french toast

  1. Josiah is so cute and happy to be home and enjoying the love and blessings that he deserves. Mark and Megan….you need to go back and get many more playmates for Josiah. (Just kidding) I know you would if you could. God bless you all.

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