terrific Tuesday

Today was good.  Very good.

Now last Tuesday — the day I dubbed “taxing Tuesday” — THAT was a hard day.  Though we rejoiced in the glimpses we saw of little Josiah’s personality, it was clear that it was hard for our energetic one-year old to make sense of his world that day.  And, last Tuesday’s schedule was just plain exhausting, no matter how you look at it.

But today — just one week later — a day full of familiar, everyday joys.

After a morning at the consulate for some paperwork, the Wickersham men had a nap, while the girls and I had a little time for some errands.  So hard to believe that just one week ago there were just two Wickersham kids.  Don’t these two ladies seem older?  More mature? And even more beautiful? Love these smiles!


When we returned to our hotel room, it was time to take care of business.  Good thing the girls and I had stocked up on wet wipes while running errands!


We then all headed out for a late lunch.  We tried Subway first, but they had only one sandwich.  (And I don’t mean one type of sandwich, I mean ONE piece of bread to make ONE sandwich.  Haha!)  So, we ended up at McDonalds.

Josiah and the girls scored free mini ice cream cones.  This is Josiah’s second taste of ice cream this week, but he still isn’t sure what to think of it.  He allows me to dab his lip with the ice cream, but shivers and sputters before finally licking and smiling. 🙂


Later Josiah and Mark shared french fries.  I love the father-son corny T-shirts.


The girls made balloon animals with one of the McDonalds workers . . .


Josiah got a balloon, too!  But not for long, since he kept trying to bite it.


And then, new shoes for Josiah!  The only ones we had were far too big and clunky.  Now he’ll be a little lighter on his feet.


We then rushed back to our hotel for a group picture with the other families in our travel group. Our agency’s tradition is to have the newly adopted kids dress in traditional Chinese clothing for a group picture.

Oh . . . so adorable.  So hilarious.  And even with lots of doting parental assistance, still so completely impossible!


And here is a shot of all of us.


Tomorrow is our consulate appointment, Thursday we pick up Josiah’s US visa, and Friday we fly to Tianjin!  We’re truly in the homestretch now . . . and feeling so thankful for all that we’ve been given.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers!



4 thoughts on “terrific Tuesday

  1. Such beautiful big sisters! I’m so glad this Tuesday was a terrific one for you. : ) That ice cream cone is so cute and tiny! Perfect for a little guy. I love following your journey from Boston. You are on my mind a lot!

  2. Blessed beyond measure. Remembering how difficult your road has been in the past to get visas and now you have three children. How wonderful He is. How wonderful for you.

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