our roly poly charmer

On Saturday we all flew from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou, and our new little man showed himself to be quite a happy traveller.  He was quite wiggly and smiley in the airport as we waited to board the plane.  His sisters enjoyed playing with him and feeding him snacks, and Mark tamed some of the wiggles with wrestling moves. 🙂 Image





During the flight itself I was so thankful to have the Ergo to keep our roly poly man firmly planted in my lap.  He slept for about half of the flight, but then woke up with renewed energy!  He ate much of the rest of the time, taking breaks to endear himself to a doting grandmother a few rows back and to reach out to give a neighboring business man a high-5.  At one point he tugged firmly on the flight attendant’s sleeve as she passed by and nearly helped himself to a drink from the food cart before I had time to notice.  He keeps me smiling, for sure. 🙂

Here I am with my sweet and spirited little guy in the Guangzhou airport.


This week in Guangzhou is proving to be more relaxing than the last.  The warmer weather and a more free schedule allow time to explore the area and get to know some other families in our travel group.  We can see that Josiah is feeling more at home with us each day.  He is SUCH a jovial and spirited little guy, is generous with his smiles and laughs, and is always keeping us on our toes.  On many occasions we have commented to one another just how much we LOVE his friendly and fun-loving personality.  “I can’t believe he’s finally here” and “I’m so glad he’s OUR brother!” the girls keep saying.

Of course, we are all completely biased.  But just so you know that we’re not the only ones who find him adorable, here’s a shot of him charming the socks off his nurse at his morning medical exam.  Too too cute, this guy.



4 thoughts on “our roly poly charmer

  1. What a charming and beautiful little boy enjoying his beautiful and blessed family. Congratulations. When are you all coming back to Indiana again? I hope I have an opportunity to see you all.

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