taxing Tuesday . . .

The schedule for our second day as a family of five (Tuesday) included nearly 7 hours transportation time, and quite a number of hours in government offices.

That part was . . . well . . . just about as fun as it sounds.  Taxing.  Really, really taxing.  Taxing for the 14 month old.  And the 7 year old.  And the 10 year old.  AND the two 39 year olds.  (And, though I don’t know their ages, I’m sure our guide and driver would chime in as well.)

BUT, as the hours went by, our cute little man opened up to us more and more, gifting us with glimpses of his spunky personality.  We saw the first BIG grins.  We heard the first laugh, the first loud, all-out cry, and lots of happy babble.  We saw him crawl, roll, twist and turn, stand unassisted, and even take a few steps.  He downed his breakfast congee with gusto, knocked things over on the table, and casually dropped his lunchtime noodles and bowl on the floor.  He showed us how he can bop his head to music, and then sway side to side with such abandon that he falls right on over.  During the drive back to PuYang he rejected his nap in favor of wrestling and playing high-5 games with daddy, and throwing his toys and snacks around in the van. Once he swiped his sister’s homework paper right out of her hand. Quick one, that guy.

So, although there were still hours of crying, and though there are clear signs our little guy is still smack-dab in the middle of a major emotional transition, he’s showing us more and more how fun, smart, delightful, and spunky (dare I say, naughty?) he is.

Love him.







6 thoughts on “taxing Tuesday . . .

  1. I am so thrilled for you and also feeling the exhaustion! Praying for strength to make it through and REST! After being back in country now over a week I’m well aware of the energy it takes to get anything done. I’m super excited that we will actually get to meet Josiah one of these days! Congratulations and our thoughts are with you!

  2. Just simply “SUPER CUTE” and right in the middle of a blessed family where he was destined to be. Love to all of you.

  3. Thanks for all the details! Love knowing how little Josiah’s second day went. He’s sooo cute! He looks adorable in his “chunky monkey” blue shirt! 🙂

  4. Love reading the updates and seeing your family pics. Josiah is such a handsome boy and it sounds like ALL boy :). Enjoy every minute!

  5. So impressed that you got an update posted, Megan! (And that you’re cogent enough through all of it to still have such cohesive observations about Josiah–can’t wait to see just how naughty he is! Good thing he’s cute!) We’re so thrilled for you guys, and so feeling your exhaustion too . . . praying!!

  6. Moyer wants to know if you have a picture of him swiping that homework paper! He also wondered aloud when I finished reading to him, “hmmm, I didn’t realize they had two thirteen-somethin’-year-olds . . . ” huh? No, sweetie, THIRTY-NINE year olds. “Oh. Who?” Ha!

    Also, if you’ve got one of the aforementioned pics, he’s dying for a link. He also wants to say, “I love the post!”

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