oh so worth the wait

Two hours turned into five and a half . . . but oh, so worth the wait.

We spent the morning in Zhengzhou’s civil affairs office, watching the incredible scene of scores of families meeting their children for the first time.  So awesome.

But due to snowy roads that made travel slow-going, Josiah and one other little man were not among them . . . so we had a smaller and more intimate “Gotcha” moment back in our hotel in the afternoon.

Poor little guy had been on the road since 7 in the morning.  He came to us wrapped in the blanket his sisters helped make for him months ago.  And under the blanket, lots more layers of course. 🙂

He is adorable, amazing, absolutely and completely wonderful.  He spent most of the day in my arms, gifting us with partial grins a time or two, but mostly just taking it all in.  He’s precious, and we’re all smitten.

And here is our first shot as a family of five.


Snacks were the first thing to catch his attention.  And the girls enjoyed giving him all his little heart desired.


For the rest of the day, Josiah allowed us all to cuddle with him and show our love.





Tomorrow morning we finalize his adoption. Hooray!  And then at 1pm, we leave to apply for his passport, all the way back in Puyang – the very place he travelled from just this morning.  Here’s hoping that the roads will be better tomorrow, and we can make it there and back smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers and love.  We are feeling surrounded by both.

With love,

The Wickersham FIVE

*pics of Josiah and daddy, coming soon . . .


9 thoughts on “oh so worth the wait

  1. Whoo-hooo! So glad that your wait at Civil Affairs at least allowed you the privilege of watching other little miracles happen . . . but I can’t imagine the suspense! And I can’t imagine needing to put poor little Josiah through that trek again tomorrow. (Marilla’s “hometown” was just over an hour away.) Will be praying for travel mercies, and a drama-free morning. Congratulations, all five of you.

    Can’t wait to show these pics to the kids in the morning. Keturah and I were reflecting on our gotcha in Zhengzhou this morning as we talked about y’all. She’ll be surprised to see you at the hotel instead of Civil Affairs . . . oh so thrilled for you guys.

  2. I looove each and every family photo! Josiah is so beautiful! My heart is full of joy overflowing. The Wickersham Five is finally together! I will pray for a smooth process and travels as you all head back home. Looking forward to more family pics. I can’t get enough!! 🙂

  3. YAY!!!! What a little cuddle bug! The picture of you wearing him and you both looking at each other melts my heart. And how special for his sisters to finally get to hold him after waiting for so long! ❤ I am just so thrilled for your family of five and will definitely keep praying as you continue to transition.
    Following your journey with lots of prayers, love, and virtual hugs from Boston!

  4. Wow! The tears are rolling down my cheeks – how special for all of you and all of us. Thanks so much for sharing this journey. Will be praying for safe travels and uncomplicated paperwork so that you can all get home and begin your “family of five.” He’s a darling little boy and we can’t wait to meet him this summer. God bless!

  5. All praise to Him Megan. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to see Josiah in the arms of those who love him so much. I LOVE the picture of him gazing up at you…so precious! It’s wonderful to see the girls clearly enthralled with their little brother. We’re all praying for you. Love, Rachel

  6. So thankful to see this photos and the happiness they show. What a blessed little fellow and family. Continuing to pray for safety and a peaceful transition. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts.

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