eager sisters

I LOVE this picture of the girls’ expressions the moment they first saw Josiah’s picture.  That was August.  Five long months ago.


In the months since that day, their growing excitement and welcoming hearts have been such a blessing.  Together we have all rejoiced over each updated picture, each description of his personality, and each milestone in adoption paperwork.

In October we received our first update, and learned of Josiah’s love for cookies and crawling on top of his friends.  Here are two proud big sisters showing off the new picture.


On November 15th, Josiah turned one.  It was hard to know how to celebrate with the birthday boy so far away, but we gave it a try, celebrating with decorations and ice cream sundaes.  Rose gathered pictures and decorated the white board, and Grace used her focus and energy pretending to give Josiah a bite of ice cream. 🙂


And then in December, we sent a Christmas gift to our little guy.  He didn’t know it was Christmas, of course, but we did!  We sent a cute monkey – themed outfit for our chunky-monkey, a Xmas stocking filled with cookies, and a camera for his caregivers to take photos of his sweet little face.


It has been so fun to watch the girls’ hearts expand with love for their new little brother, and to see them share that joy with those around them.  Their classmates are excited, too!  When I’m at the school, kids from their classes will run up to me and ask when Josiah is coming or remind me of how cute he is.  “Oh, Josiaaaah!  He’s soo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!” a group of 4th grade girls will say, in chorus.  Once when another mother asked me about him, a couple of Rose’s classmates overheard and produced his picture before Rose even had a chance to chime in!  Ha!  And then last night before bed, Grace asked if she could bring Josiah in for show and tell.  I told her we could try to work something out. 🙂

We are so thankful that the girls can be a part of this trip to fold this little guy into our family.  Please pray for their hearts as we do so.  They understand that it will take some time for Josiah to get used to all of us, and they have prayed for months that he would “be happy to be in our family” and “wouldn’t be sad and scared.” And yet regardless of how rocky those initial moments / days / weeks might be, I know that there are great things for the girls to learn and understand through it all.

We do hope that our first days together will provide a great foundation for sibling bonding.  In addition to that, we know that the Lord can use the experiences on this trip to grow in our girls (and in all of us!) a broader and more mature understanding of adoption in general.

Wish I had could close off this post with a pic of the eager sisters’ faces yesterday when I reminded them it was just FOUR more days til Josiah!  (But alas, I didn’t have the camera ready.)

The expressions were quite similar to the first picture in this post, but with some bouncing and clapping added.


6 thoughts on “eager sisters

  1. Oh, soooo, priceless. LOVE that first picture for the very reason you stated, and am getting a huge kick out of the birthday ice cream bite too.

    (Told you I’d be stalking!)

  2. Megan just let me know when you are ready and I will clear the 1st grade schedule for Grace to bring Josiah in for show and tell. We will be lifting you all up this week in class.

  3. It is 12:01 am Indiana time – barely Sunday but that means that tomorrow is Monday!! We are so excited for you all that today is the day that Josiah becomes a very blessed little boy because he will be joining his wonderful “forever” family. Such joy – bask in God’s amazing grace!!

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