we’re on our way!

In my last post, I mentioned that we hoped to receive our travel approval in a matter of hours . . . and . . .

Hooray!  Hurrah!  A 4:00 am email check revealed that we DID!

This is such big news for our family and means that we can pick up our sweet boy on Monday, January 21st.  That’s ELEVEN days!

As we make lists and pack our things, buy tickets and make hotel arrangements, we know that on Josiah’s end things are busy as well.  For the past year he has been cared for in the LuoHe Lily Orphan Care Center (point A on the map below). We are so thankful for this place that sent us smiley photos and reports on his development and personality, including his affection for cookies. 🙂 And yet sometime in the next few days, as the news of our family’s travel approval arrives in Henan province, little Fuzi will leave the familiarity he has known in LuoHe and will be transferred back to his original Social Welfare Institute, located in Puyang County (point B).  This transition will mean hours on the road, changes in schedule and sleep, and caregivers and environments that are unfamiliar.  Just a few days after arriving in Puyang, he will be brought to Zhengzhou.  (point C) There he will meet even more strangers (i.e. OUR family) in the Zhengzhou’s Civil Affairs Office.


For Mark and me and the girls (travelling from Tianjin, found in the upper-right corner), this long-awaited day will be one of celebration.  We can’t wait to meet our little guy, hold him, play with him, and kiss those sweet rosy cheeks.  But for Josiah, the weeks ahead (including the day he meets us) will likely be incredibly confusing, sad, and filled with loss and separation.  My heart is heavy when I think about this.  I wish so deeply there was a way to protect him and help him know he is safe and loved.

A few months ago, a dear friend gifted me with this coffee mug. These words from I Kings have guided my thoughts and prayers many times in the last weeks.  There are many changes ahead for our little one, not only in these next 11 days, but in all of the adjustments that adoption entails.  Especially this morning as I think about all of these changes, this is the prayer of my heart.


“May the Lord our God be with you, Josiah, as He has been with me.  May He never leave you or forsake you.

May He incline your heart toward Him and cause you to walk in all His ways.

Day and night may your prayers be near to Him.

May the LORD maintain your cause and the cause of all His people

So that you and all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God, and there is none other!


I Kings 8:57-60


8 thoughts on “we’re on our way!

  1. oh, megpie! i am so excited for him to soon be in the loving embrace of your family….thank you for the blog posts of the journey…i’m keeping you in my heart! sandy

  2. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! We are so rejoicing with you and your entire family!! It will all work for good. The Lord will protect him. Josiah is a blessed young man & I know that he will grow up to tell you so! Love you, Charley & Leslie

  3. How exciting! I didn’t realize how much change/travel Josiah would have to go through before coming home to you all. We will pray for him over the coming days.
    The Headrick family

  4. Praise the Lord! This is so exciting for all of you. It is such a comfort knowing God is right there with each of you on this journey. He will help with all the adjustments knowing that love is at the center. Our prayers are with you.
    Bill and Barb Kelley

  5. Praying and will continue to pray for little Josiah. He has a blessing ahead as he joins your family. So thankful for this answer to prayer.

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