happy sad

had this adorable-albeit-bittersweet gift in my inbox today . . .



SUCH a blessing to see that smile and his little rosy cheeks.  He looks warm and chubby.  And he’s growing tall!  He’s walking!  He has hair!

and yet a bit SAD.

He’s growing tall. 😦

He’s walking. 😦

He has hair. 😦


And I missed it.


And while I let that realization settle in my heart, I rejoice that we aren’t going to miss much more!  Although our travel approval has taken a bit longer than anyone expected, there’s a chance we’ll receive it in a matter of hours.  Literally, HOURS.  And if so, we can expect to meet little chunky monkey on January 21st.

Hooray! Hurrah!

And if not – if the travel approval takes yet a few more days – we’ll meet our little guy on the 28th.

Praying for the 21st, yet trusting that the Lord’s timing is perfect.  And in the meantime, reading new details is such a delight!

Here’s what Josiah’s caregivers in LuoHe have to say about him:       

“FuZi likes to stay by Ayi’s side and play with Ayi, if he has a cookie, he will share it with Ayi but not his friends. When it is eating time, he does not grab food or push around to get his food like before, instead, he will sit there quietly to wait for his turn. If Ayi praises his good behavior, he will have a very charming smile on his face. He can walk now with holding Ayi’s one hand, he also finds his own way to walk around that he will push his crib or walker walking. He can stand up for a short time and is trying to move his feet forward while he is standing. He is a very lovely and handsome boy.” 

(Fuzi is Josiah’s Chinese name, and in this context, Ayi means caregiver)

I can’t help but smile at all of this.  Can’t wait to lead him by the hand, see that charming smile face-to-face, observe those emerging table manners, and check out which of his family members he’ll be willing to share his cookies with.

Love him so much already.


3 thoughts on “happy sad

  1. Josiah is so cute. I love that smile. My prayers are with you that Josiah will be in your loving arms very soon.

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