the samurai warrior carolerFound an adorable Christmas project on Pinterest to use with my kindergarten art students . . . mittened carolers, holding sheet music, with mouths open in song . . .  too too cute!  The display board at the school will title this project “Kindergarten Carolers.”

But wait —  can you spot the surprise samurai-warrior-caroler in the middle?

“Make your face look like your caroler!” I said, before I snapped the picture.  Nicely done, little warrior.

But don’t let the samurai overshadow the others in the room . . . gotta love the supportive shout from the little man on the left, as well as the sneaky guy hiding behind his project in order to stick out his tongue.  Some pretty awesome faces on the little ladies, as well 🙂

A while back I wrote about some of the differences I notice in the creative processes of the boys and girls in my art classes.  LOVE the way the energy in this pic supports some of those original observations!  Ha!


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