sewing lessons


This past summer, Rose was part of a week-long sewing class offerred at my hometown’s awesome public library.  Her teacher for the class was my former Home Ec teacher, and is also a dear family friend.  Thinking of that connection still makes me smile!

By the week’s end, our creative artsy girl was sold!  In just four days, Rose (together with aforementioned spectacular teacher) had made a pin cushion, a fleece hat, a pillow, and cotton pajama pants. She had even decided that she wanted to use her birthday money to buy a sewing machine!

ImageOnce we returned to China, the sewing projects continued, with varying levels of success.  Admittedly, it’s hard to reach the same end product sans sewing machine AND sans spectacular teacher.

Solving the first problem was easy.   With a bit of parental encouragement along the way, Rose had truly managed to save her birthday money.  And then with some contributions from mom, dad and little sister, she bought us all our first sewing machine!ImageBut alas, solving the second problem (lack of spectacular teacher) was trickier.  The girls had BIG plans to make all kinds of things.  But by this time Rose’s skills had already matched or surpassed what I once learned in 4-H.  So, we brought in spectacular teacher #2!  Our tailor, Xiao Huan, led us all in tackling our first major project:  A blanket for Josiah!



ImageThe afternoon was a grand success.  Xiao Huan did lament that some of the stitching was a bit crooked.  I told her that these imperfections were the proof that Josiah’s sisters and mother truly had a hand in the process!  So here is the final product, crooked stitches and all, pictured with sweet booties that our house helper knitted.

ImageWe sent off Josiah’s blanket last week, along with his stuffed giraffe, another disposable camera, and lots of cookies to enjoy and share with friends. We know from the last update that he likes his cookies!  Hoping he’s had a chance to try some, and that he’s safe and warm with his new blanket.  Come quickly, LOA! 


One thought on “sewing lessons

  1. wonderful story! Looks like Rose will be an outstanding seamstress and perhaps a desginer some day. Such a wonderful welcome home gift for the little guy…truly special.

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