teacher training

It seems that from the time that she could talk and hold some sort of writing utensil, Grace has been pretending to be a teacher.  Even when she was just four, she would play school by herself and fill the white board with word lists and numbers.  This particular photo is one of my all time favorites — those backwards Js, creative math facts, and chubby cheeks add some special charm!  (if you know Chinese hand symbols for numbers, you may understand how counting on your fingers might lead a 4-year old to think that 6+6=4!)


During her kindergarten year, her school play became a bit more involved.  She chose several of her stuffed animals as her students and created take-home folders for each.  Each animal’s folder had its own calendar, behavior chart, and a place for journaling. Of course, the animals did need a little help to actually write in their journals.  Here is a shot of her helping Dino with his work. She told me she had to write a little messy on purpose, so that it would really look like HIS writing, and not hers.  “He’s still just learning,” she’d say.


This weekend she was playing school again.  When I saw the math chart I remembered the one from years ago and snapped a picture for a point of comparison.  She does come from a long line of teachers, so who knows . . . perhaps she will put these skills to use in the classroom one day!



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