sometimes he is very naughty

or so they say.

Most parents might not be happy to hear such a report on their son, but Mark and I were all smiles when we read these words tonight.  We’re thrilled to have a new picture and more information on our little Josiah!

Here’s what we learned:

“Fuzi not only sits well but also likes to crawl over in the room. Sometimes he is very naughty, he will climb onto other kids and make them cry. He will make “Dad, Mom” sound if he is happy. He learned to move along with handing in something. He likes sitting in walker and walking around, sometimes he will visit other kids next to his room. He will stretch out his hand and ask for cookies if he saw them in foster mom’s hand. He will cry if he didn’t get them.”

Rose and Grace loved all of this new information, too.  Grace wagged her finger at me, saying, “Better get more cookies ready, Momma!”  Ha!  The cookie theme is especially fun; Grace’s referral information mentioned a love for cookies as well!  Click here to learn more about that.

So now we know.  Sometimes he is very naughty.  He crawls over his friends and cries if he doesn’t get cookies.

Oh . . . these details are such a delight.

Can’t wait.  Can’t wait.  Can’t wait.


12 thoughts on “sometimes he is very naughty

  1. Awww so sweet!! I bet you just want to cuddle him through the screen. He sure is a cutie! Soon he will be crawling all over his sisters and helping you bake cookies!

    • How adorable. Love that he is a little naughty sometimes – that equals being a normal little boy!!! If he gets any cuter – I will be kissing my computer screen. He is just so adorable. Hang in there – God is on the case!!!!

      • 😉 Yes, I did have to laugh at how pleased I felt about the “naughty” description! Somehow it struck me as just as he should be — a normal little boy — just like you said. 🙂

    • Love these posts, Megan. The last time I checked in on your blog was right after you PA . . . you’ve been busy (and gotten sweet updates!!) while I’ve been delinquent in blog-checking!! I just put you in my google reader so I won’t miss any more Josiah-love. LOVED reading every word of his little care package book, btw. Big Smile.

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