I stumbled upon these fun fabrics last month during a visit to the fabric market.  It was the giraffe print that first caught my eye and struck me as the perfect fabric for the chair that will be in Josiah’s room.

Technically speaking, Josiah doesn’t really have his own room; it’s more of a corner.   And since we’ll be moving a few months after he arrives, it doesn’t make sense to make elaborate plans or purchase furniture.  BUT — since we already had a chair that needed to be reupholstered, I decided that I’d keep our sweet little guy in mind when I bought the fabric.

At first I was thinking I’d look for a stripe or plaid . . . or even just a boyish solid.  But when I saw this giraffe print I was sold!

About seven years ago while we were waiting for Grace Noel, I found fabric with a brightly colored butterfly border at this same fabric market.  We used the fabric for curtains in her room.  Later I found a matching blanket with a butterfly print, and was given a butterfly wall hanging, too.  So although I didn’t start out with that intention, Grace had a butterfly-themed room!

In a similar fashion, the giraffe print fabric has become the inspiration for a bit more.   I bought the green grassy fabric because it seemed to fit the theme, (Mark immediately named said theme ‘African safari’) and the yellow I just really liked.  Perhaps a bit too feminine, I wonder?  Ah well . . .

After the chair was finished, we used the extra fabric to make a border on the curtains and an extra pillow. And the yellow for the antique chair cushion and more pillows.  I found some fun ideas for giraffe-themed wall art, too.  That should give me something to work on while we wait.

But what I’ve really been on the lookout for is the animal itself (the stuffed animal variety, of course) and over last week’s holiday, we finally found success!

Sort of.

I later noticed that our stuffed giraffe is missing the all-important long neck, and looks a little like a cow.  But hey, nothing’s perfect. Planning to send this off to our little guy in care package #2 next week!

note:  I am responsible for exactly NONE of the sewing referred to in this post.  We have a lovely and skilled tailor in our midst.


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