care package for Josiah

It’s difficult to look at this sweet little guy’s face and know that we won’t be able to bring him home for 4-6 more months . . .


(sit tight, my little beach bum!  We’re coming!)

But — we DO get to send him care packages!  This afternoon I got together our pack of goodies to send to our little chunky monkey and his friends and caregivers at the orphanage.


Included in this pile of treasures are some toys for Fu Zi  and his friends that R and G and I found in a local market.  We also ordered a disposable camera and are hoping that his caregivers will take lots of photos NOW, in these precious months before we can take scores of photos ourselves.  Also, candies for his caregivers and a journal where they can write about him.  And last but certainly not least, my very favorite part:


Josiah’s very own photo album!

Six years ago we sent then-9-month-old Grace something similar while we waited for travel approval to go get her.  Of course, for Grace’s adoption, the time from referral to Gotcha Day was less than two weeks – a WORLD of difference from the many months we’re looking at now.

But I digress.

We sent Grace some photos of Mark and me, placed in photo inserts on the side of a plush toy.  Our hope was that her caregivers would let her play with the toy, and then somehow our faces might seem at least a bit familiar to her on the day that she was placed in our arms.

And so now we do the same thing for Josiah.  But this time, our little album is new and improved, due to the inspiration of a friend and fellow adoptive mom.  We are praying that Josiah’s caregivers will allow him to hold and play with this little album often, and that as he grows from 10 months — to 11 — to 12 — and on and on . . . that his little heart will begin to find familiarity in our faces.  And even more importantly, we pray that the truths in the words in the album will one day be known deep in his heart.

Would you pray for this, too?








12 thoughts on “care package for Josiah

  1. Megan….I have no words…..this book is amazing. Josiah is blessed….you are blessed! Your blessings bless all you come in contact with. My favorite part…”I am a son. I am a brother. I am loved.” I’m rejoicing with you and for all of you….

  2. Josiah is the cutest and just adorable. The book, pictures, and comments are great. Mark, you and Megan are surely blessed. What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing.
    On October 6th I will be at your parents home for the annual Prestwick Boogie.

  3. So sweet! I’d like to share this with the prayer chain to allow us to focus our prayers in this way for you and your beautiful family. What a beautiful thing God is bringing about in your life! I am so happy for you! \o/

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