Rose’s adoption

As most of you know, in December we were granted a great and unexpected gift:  the addition of little Rose into our family.   Before that time, we knew very little about Rose.  We’d never met her nor seen her picture, but had received a group email telling us about her situation and her need for a family to care for her.  God impressed upon our hearts that we were that family, and so, one Monday morning I found myself at the Tianjin orphanage with the purpose of bringing home this precious little girl. 
"I’m so glad you came to get me from my old school,"  she has said many times since that day.  
When I first saw Rose at her "old school" (Rose’s name for the Tianjin orphanage) she was making Chinese dumplings with play-dough.  As I sat down and played with her, the toll that the events of recent months had taken on her was not hard to see.  She said little, avoided eye contact, and seemed fearful of those around her.  Her behavior was easy to understand considering all that she had been through.  We knew that a month previously her English foster mother, who had raised her from the age of 2 months, left China.  Rose was taken from her foster mother suddenly and returned to the orphanage.  In addition to the trauma of losing the only mother she had ever known, Rose also had to adjust to life in an institution, with caregivers who did not share her language.  To make matters worse, she became quite ill, which meant antibiotics through an IV.  She was also behind on her immunization schedule and had to receive numerous injections.  These events combined made her month-long stay at the orphanage a quite traumatic event.  
She seemed to be a favorite at the orphanage; on that day the Ayis gave her gifts of candy and clothing.  As they gave their goodbyes she hung her head, and passively allowed me to hold her hand.  As we left the building and walked out to the street, I tried to explain to her what was happening and prepare her for what was to come.  I told her what our apartment and her new room looked like.  I told her about 14-month old Grace who would be her playmate at our home.  I told her about Mark, who couldn’t wait to meet her.  I told her of the countless friends in our neighborhood she would be able to play with.  I told her that she was safe and we would take care of her.  She said nothing, just looked down and nodded. 
On our way home, she spent most of her time looking out of the taxi window.  As we passed the Golden Arches, I heard a full sentence for the first time, a rather matter-of-fact: "I want to go to McDonalds."  Amy and I, quite quickly, decided that was exactly what we would do!  Later, as she played with Amy’s son Gabe at the McDonalds play area, we were gifted to see her smile and hear her laugh.
During the first few days, she communicated with us largely through grunting and pointing.  As time went on, she opened up to us gradually, but would then shut down when anyone unfamiliar was present.  For weeks she struggled with nightmares, tantrums, outbursts of anger and tears.  At the same time, she was incredibly affectionate, wanting to be held, read to, and comforted.  Bath time and story time became parts of the day that we all treasured.  She began to process her experiences through her play and through make-believe stories.  We began to hear more about her "old school," her "Joy Mommy," her brother "Miah,"  (Jeremiah) and her sister, "big girl Andrea."  She began to ask lots of questions, and we were thankful to see her begin to work through her memories and emotions.  She began to call us Mommy and Daddy, and she started to show pride in being a good big sister to little Grace.  
During this time, God provided us with resources and encouragment in every way imaginable.  A friend with a background in counseling met with Rose regularly for play therapy sessions.  Another friend lent us books on how to help children dealing with trauma, and how to build attachment.  Other friends brought over clothes, toys, and books for Rose.  Grandparents in the States sent gifts.  And many prayed for us.  We could feel God binding us together as a family; we couldn’t imagine not having Rose with us or seeing her go through yet another confusing transition.  We became certain of our desire to adopt this precious child. 
In late January we met with the director of the Tianjin orphanage and shared our desire to adopt Rose.  She agreed to support us, suggesting that we work with a Minnesota agency that the Tianjin orphanage has cooperated with in the past.  We contacted the agency, discussed our situation, and they agreed to work with us as well.  We helped provide pictures and developmental progress information necessary to update Rose’s file with the CCAA.  In this process, an important consideration for us has been that Mark and I have not yet been married long enough to meet new requirements set forth by CCAA.  This glitch was solved simply enough: we talked with the translator on staff at the orphanage, and agreed that Rose’s file would be held at the orphanage until the time when Mark and I would be eligible to adopt her. (or until CCAA granted us an exception)   
A quick look through the photo albums and video links on our spaces page can give you a glimpse into the lives of our girls in recent months.  We’ve seen Rose go from a fearful, quiet, tentative girl, to one who is secure, carefree, and incredibly social!  She adores the playground and has a special love for the swings.  She is fond of dress-up, bows, and nail polish.  She has become quite the leader for little Grace; they both adore games of peek-a-boo and hide and seek, acting like kittens, and begging for jelly beans.  She has grown to love the activities in our weekly routine: trips to the Tianjin International School library, playgroup mornings, Monday dance class with Ms. Beth, after school playtimes with Daddy.  She can’t wait to turn 5, knowing that soon afterwards she’ll be able to ride the gray van to junior kindergarten.  Her nightmares are virtually gone; her tantrums and outbursts of anger and tears have completely disappeared.  We have been incredibly blessed as we’ve watched God touch the life of this little one and bring healing and joy.  We can see that she feels safe and loved.  She is attached to us and we to her.  We’ve been continually grateful for the beautiful surprise of our second daughter, looking forward to the time when the law would affirm what we already felt to be true:  She is ours.     
My reason for posting today is to ask for your prayers.  It seemed our world came crashing down last Saturday evening when a friend emailed, telling us that she’d seen Rose’s picture on an adoption agency’s waiting child’s list and that she was already matched with a family.  I was sure our friend was mistaken, and yet when I clicked on the link, I found myself looking at the very pictures we had taken of Rose in a nearby playground, and in Mark’s classroom at TIS.   As we investigated further, we discovered that the message to hold Rose’s file in Tianjin was not communicated clearly, and instead her file was sent to CCAA immediately after we’d submitted her updated information in February.  Although CCAA was also asked to hold her file, that request was overlooked/forgotten, and Rose’s file quickly made its way to an agency.  My heart has been so heavy this week, wondering, "Could we really lose our daughter due to a mere error?"   
The situation is complex, difficult for all involved, with far too many details to describe here.  I’ll simply say that we will do all we can to keep Rose in our family, firmly believing that this is what God would have us do, and firmly believing that if the family she’s matched with could see her now, they would not choose to continue with the adoption.  We already know that hundreds of people are praying for Rose, and we ask that you would pray for her as well.  She has been through so much loss and transition; it just doesn’t make sense for her to be taken from our family and asked to adjust, attach, and trust all over again.   Please pray that decisions would be made with Rose’s best interests at heart, even if those decisions are complex and difficult.  Pray that we would trust God through this difficult time, and that we would glorify him in all of our attitudes and actions.   And most importantly, please pray that God would protect Rose’s heart, guide her future, and show her that He is a parent who never fails.
~Mark and Megan
"For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope."
 Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Megan and Mark,My heart has been breaking for days…. since I heard the news of Rose. We are praying for everyone involved in this….and I can only hope that all parties involved will do what is BEST for your sweet Rose. I just can\’t imagine removing her from such a loving family…. You guys are soooo wonderful and I know from the smile on Rose\’s beautiful face, that she is happy with her family. I wish I could make it all better…. PLEASE let us know if there is anything at all we can do for you from the States. Peace be with you my dear friend. My love and a very big hug. Your friend,Steph

  2. OH Mark and Megan,
    This BREAKS MY HEART!!!!! There simply HAS to be a way to resolve this. After all sweet Rose has been through, I can\’t imagine anyone wanting to interfere with her attachment. I am a strong advocate for attachment parenting, and know alot about it. I would not want to be the family who had to try and get past another "disruption" in Rose\’s mind to form a strong attachment to her. and her to them. It will not be an easy road, if it is attempted, and could be so awfully detrimental! You can be assured I will be PRAYING for all of you. I\’m sure that God\’s will WILL be done regardless of the obstacles. I must also say what wonderful people you are and pictures do not lie, it is obvious that Rose is happily attached to you both, as well as Grace. What a travesty it would be to take her away from that love and security. I wish there wasn\’t an ocean in the way so that I could give you a BIG HUG! Holding you up in prayer here in Florida.
    Hugs and Prayers,
    Sandi in FL 

  3. Dear Megan and Mark,   Our hearts are breaking as this news is sinking in. How can this be?  Rose has already been through so much, and we can\’t imagine how devastated she will be if she has to leave the family she loves.  She and Grace are so precious together, and we can tell from the pictures and phone calls how much fun they have and how happy they are as sisters.  We\’re concerned about what the trauma of separating from you and Grace will do to Rose, and we\’re praying that all involved will think only of Rose and what is best for her.  You are awesome parents and we know you\’re heartsick thinking about what may happen.  We are holding you in our hearts and prayers, and we\’re especially praying for Rose and God\’s best for her.
    We love you so much,  Mom and Dad

  4. Mark and Megan,
    While I read this hard news, I was thinking, "None of this surprised our Father!" He sees the beginning from the end and He will see you thought this.  I pray that all the roadblocks will be removed and your family will become permanent, including sweet Rose. You are dear people with wide-open hearts, full of love for these darling girls. Thank you for introducing them to our community!
    Dawn and Garry

  5. Megan and Mark,
    I am so sorry you are going through all this!  I want you to know that I will continue to pray for you and your family.  God is able!  I always look for strength from scripture in difficult situations.  I love Paul\’s prayer found in: Ephesians 3:16-20 NIV 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge– that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… 
    Keep me posted!
    Love, Dave Downs

  6. Mark & Megan,
    "Weep with those who weep."  It has not been hard do. There have been many tears in our house too over the past week. Tears for Rose.  Tears for you.  Tears for Grace.  Tears for the family who has been matched with Rose.  Tears for the numerous other children who get caught in the system.  And tears for ourselves because we love Rose and your family.  We were already friends; but Rose added another special bond since she and Hudson are friends and soon-to-be classmates. 
    Everything in me wants to believe that God will still make a way for Rose to stay in your family.  From our perspective this would be best.  But we stand with you all now in the wilderness of faith — believing that God is who He says He is and will keep all of His promises even when there is evidence to the contrary.  I hope it bring a bitter-sweet comfort to know that we are weeping with you.  But we are still hoping (with open hands) that the next weeks will hold a GREAT time of rejoicing as well. 

  7. Mark and Megan,
    We are very saddened by this news, but we continue to stand with you in prayer believing that the Lord will accomplish His best for Rose!  Thank you for keeping us informed on how we can pray.  We have loved the time we spent with Rose, and we praise God for placing her in such a special family as yours.  Dave and Kristen McCurdy

  8. Dear Mark and Megan,
    May the Lord hold you close in this time, and grant you his peace.  We are standing with you all in prayer, that the Lord would truly be guiding the steps of this whole process.  Know that you are very loved! 
    With prayerful hearts,
    Dave and Katie Coons

  9. Through teaching Rose in Sunday School, I have really seen what you described in your blog.  God has answered many prayers in allowing her to fit right in with you as well as with her many little friends.  Throughout this process of hearing about the need for Rose to have foster parents, and the various requests and praises that Mark has shared at school, I have been amazed by how God has so clearly shown his goodness and sovereignty over her life, especially by placing her in your family.  We don’t know why this obstacle is here, but knowing it’s not unexpected nor impossible for God to overcome, desire with you that she would remain in your home where she is undoubtedly loved and happy.  Our prayers are with you that God would clearly reveal His best for Rose and for your family.

  10. Dear Mark and Megan,
    I cannot imagine the intensity of your emotions right now.  What a difficult situation. My husband Mark and I happened to know Rose\’s first foster parent, Joy. We have seen both families that have cared for her and in our hearts would love your home to be her final one. I have also seen the joy on a friend\’s face when they receive the photo of the child they are matched with. I imagine going back in the process would be quite difficult even for them but I am asking for them to consider it and am trusting for what is best for Rosie.
    Know that we stand beside you and praise God for the way he has healed Rosie so dramatically through his Hand and your love.
    Her little life and heart are in His gentle hands and that gives me comfort as I ache for you guys. Know you are loved.
    In His Grip,
    Audrey Ogden

  11. I read your blog this afternoon with wet eyes…just two days ago I watched Rose\’s smile light up the Daughters of the King dance performance (before she bumped her head, that is;).  We surely do believe we know what is best for her–staying put with you!–and cannot begin to think it could be anywhere else.  And yet must hold her future before He who knows her best.  I keep asking myself, is there anything ICCO can do?  It is difficult to know that one of our employees was involved….
    Grateful to be among your friends,
    Kristen for the Pollocks

  12. Megan and Mark,
    My heart aches for you and for Rose.
    It has been such a joy to watch how this precious Rose-bud has blossomed and bloomed in the time that she has been in your nurturing care.  It is so difficult to consider anything other than her being a permanent part of your family.  We stand in faith with you that He who has been faithful has not forsaken you or Rose and will fulfill His plans for your lives.  Trusting Him, Beth & Brent Everett

  13. I have enjoyed the posts in video and photo of this beautiful new family, chosen by One who knows best and holds only the best for those in His family. I have been drinking in these posts, through laughter and tears.
    I have never seen such love, heard such kindness as I see and hear in these videos. Bless you!
    We cannot out do or out plan the Father. He is in control. I hold to that!
    My family continually lifts up yours throughout each day. Whenever I think of "Mark and Megan\’s family," that will always, always include sweet Rose. 

  14. Dear Megan and Mark,
    We send our prayers and love from the States, knowing that God has us, you, and Rose in His hands.  None of these trials make sense; but we hold with you to the only thing that we know to be constant and true, God\’s love and desire for our best, yours, and Rose\’s.  Please keep us posted so that we know how to pray on your behalf.  By your side on our knees.  The Plunkitt Family

  15. Dear Mark & Megan,
          Anyone can tell by reading your story about Rose\’s life journey thus far and looking at the pictures of her with you, Mark and Grace that she has already found her forever family.  I pray that this will become obvious to everyone involved in this saga.  I praise the One in charge of all things, and will continue to lift this situation up.  Rose is indeed a beautiful little "flower" and, like a real rose, has been created in a miraculous way.  May her miracles keep coming.  Thank you for your testimony and witness which simply serves to strengthen our own faithfulness.  We love you!     Pam Hall

  16. Dear Mark & Megan,As fellow sojourners on the adoptive daughters journey, our hearts are bound up with yours right now.  Watching Rose settle into your home, sleep peacefully at night, smile naturally and often and move from "Aunt Megan" and "Uncle Mark" to Mom and Dad in both her words AND emotions have been such a joy to witness first-hand (and hope for those of us still struggling through attachment issues!).  We will continue to pray for you and with you that our Father\’s very best for Rosie will be accomplished.  With love, tears and deep respect, the Kennedys

  17. Mark & Megan:
    I don\’t know what to say.  I\’ve been typing, deleting and retyping for the past 10 minutes.  We will pray for the wisdom of everyone involved, and for innocent little Rose who is caught in the middle, that if she is forced to leave your home she will someday understand why.
    We enjoyed our short time with you and Grace last Christmas, and we had hoped, and still hope, to be able to meet Rose.  Your strength and faithfulness are inspiring.  May He be with you during these tough times.
    Tom (and Laura & Emma)

  18. There are many people in Michigan, Ohio, and Maryland praying for Rose and your family as you go through this difficult time. I am so blessed to have met your family and to have seen just a glimpse of Rose\’s fantastic transition into your Godly home. She is, without a doubt, your daughter, and even though I pray first and foremost that The Father\’s will will be done, I hope that He will secure her within your arms for the rest of your lives. Thank you for the Godly model of sacrifice, love, and family that you and Wick have provided for me as I begin to start my own family. He is good and just and merciful. Praise Him!

  19. Prayers are coming your way from the Halls in Hershey, Pennsylvania! In Christ, Corey Hall (for Rob,Gabriel, and Josh)

  20. Dear Mark and Megan,
    We are all praying for all of you.  We know that God is in control, and we pray that he will make it possible for Rose to stay with her family.  May you find comfort and peace knowing that God is holding you and both of your daughters in his tender care.  There is no family that could be better to care for and love Rose, and we\’re praying that everyone involved will have open minds and see this as we do.  Bless you all.
    John, Julie, Jared, and Hannah

  21. Mark and Megan – Megan – we have known you since you were a very young child – and have watched you grown into a wonderful wife and mother.  Mark – thought we haven\’t known you as long – we trust in Megan\’s choice of life long spouse.  You two were meant to be together, doing what you are doing and you were put there so you could be parents to these two beautiful children.  Our hearts are breaking now that it appears this family may be broken apart.  I cannot imagine how anyone could think that there is someone better for darling Rose than you both.  Grace needs her big sister and Rose needs her little sister.  A family unit is just that – one meant to be together.  I cannot bear to think of the heartache that will be with you 3 if Rose is taken away.  And I cannot even imagine the damage to Rose\’s life.  She has endured more separation than anyone should have to bear.  You know you all in our constant "thoughts" and will not be forsaken even if the worst happens.  Just know we too shed tears back here for you guys, your parents (who have already begun thinking of Rose as a precious grandchild).  You are not forgotten.  Hug those precious girls for Mike and I.  Love you – Diana

  22. Dear Mark,Megan,Grace, and Rose,
    What a wonderful set of pictures, we enjoyed all 98 of them.  We especially liked # 91.  The four of you make a wonderful family.
    We want all four of you to come and visit us next time you are in Frankfort.   The pictures of Rose and Grace are a testimony to the love that you two share with them everyday, and I\’m sure you have come to appreciate and cherish the love they have for you.  We know your anxiety and your pain. We come along beside you to share that with you.   We join with you in praying your hearts desire….    that Rose and Grace will enjoy a long life as sisters and as your children.  God bless.   Be assured that we are praying for your family … all four of you.
    His Peace to You,
    Marshall & Phoebe

  23. Dear Megan, Mark, Grace, and Rose,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family.  Grace and Rose are so darling and truly show how much they enjoy each other\’s company.  We are praying that God will continue to allow them to stay together with you two as their parents.  How lucky the girls are to have such wonderful, loving parents as you.  We will continue to pray for God\’s blessings for you.  Love, Jacque, Joe, and Alex Snyder

  24. Hi Wickersham Family!
    We love you and want you to know that you\’ve been and will continue to be in our prayers.  What a wonderful family you are.  We look forward to the time that our kids can maybe play together regularly.  I\’m sure Will will teach Rose and Grace some of his tricks!  I have a feeling that Rose and Grace know some tricks too : )  May God\’s grace and mercy surroud you and yours. 
    Nick, Molly, and Will

  25. Dear Mark and Megan,We are so sorry that you are going through this trial.  What a blessing you have been in the life of Rose.  We pray that will continue.  She is obviously thriving in your loving household!  Praise God that He is in control and He loves Rose more than we can imagine. We will continue to pray for you and Rose and that decision making people will have their minds opened and their hearts softened.  God bless you.Bill and Sheri McCormick

  26. Dear Megan and Mark:Camel and I were attracted by those lovely pictures with Grace and Rose. We are so happy to see such a happy family.We believe that Rose already found her family-You ,Mark and Grace. I like to watch the Movie-Stuart little. And I think you will have the happy endding like Stuart family.
    Even though there are so many difficulties might need you and Rose to face at the moment, you will find  that it is so gifted that Rose apprears in your family. You will learn a lot that how to protect your children. You get even closer than before as a family. Bless you and miss you.

  27. "His grace is sufficient for me…His strength is made perfect when I am weak…And all that I cling to, I lay at Your feet…Your grace is sufficient for me."  -words to a Shane & Shane song.  I am praying that as you walk this terribly painful road, you will really find that His grace is sufficient.  Megan, I am touched by your willingness to reveal the pain and the struggles, and I am learning more about faith right along with you.  Also, I am amazed at how Rose has grown in these last few months in your home and so thankful for how much growth Rose has brought about in my daughter Maya too.  Much love!  Bob and Rachel

  28. Dear Mark and Megan,
    We know this is a very difficult time for you all.  We have been praying a lot for your situation.  I know God has loved Rose from the beginning and I know he has good things planned for her.  Our prayer is that she remain in your family.  I remember bringing a few toys over the first day or two after you had brought her home from the orphanage.  She was so quiet and shut down.  I remember trying to be very quiet and peaceful so I wouldn\’t disturb her.  I could tell how scared she was.  I was gone to the US for about a month after that and then I when saw her after I returned she was a different girl. I couldn\’t believe the change I saw in her personality and what a sweet, bubbly little girl that I saw had emerged. After knowing what all she has gone through it still makes me smile when I hear her call you mom and dad.  Love, The Witkowski\’s

  29. We are heavy-hearted as we read this.  It is clear from our viewpoint here in Tianjin that you both are wonderful parents to Grace and Rose, and that they adore you, too!  It has been fun watching your family grow over the past year, and to see the joy it has brought to you and the girls.  We stand with you in prayer that Rose will stay with your family.    Sincerely,  the Lumans

  30. It is easy to see that Rose is a wonderful blessing in your lives and your family. It has been great for us to see the overflowing love you have for your daughters and the joy they bring you. It has been amazing to see Rose grow and open up since she joined your family. Her demeanor has completely changed since the first time we met her. It is obvious she now feels loved, safe, secure, and content to be part of your family. We hope and pray that Rose will remain in your family, and that you will have the joy of raising her. We pray also that the family who sees her picture in their dossier, who have also begun having hopes and dreams for her future, that they will know she is already part of a family who loves her, and that they will have the courage and strength to continue waiting and the compassion to let her stay with you. We lift you all up to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

  31. Megan,As a mom and as a sister in C, I am touched by your situation.  I will be lifting you up in these coming weeks.  I know that He hears your cries and He hasn\’t forgotten you in this difficult moment.  You are fighting for her, and that\’s what a mother does- don\’t give up, don\’t lose hope.  Hugs from Texas, Kimberly Geswein

  32. Mark and Megan,
    Just a note to let you know that our hearts ache for you upon hearing your news.  We\’re thinking about you a lot and lifting you up during this time.  We love you and love Rose and want the best for her. 
    With love,
    Jeff and Blair Diggle

  33. Oh, my dears.  My prayers are with you and sweet Rose, who has already found er forever family…YOU!  Oh, I DO hope the agency in the States is very careful to explain the whole circumstance, and story.  How could ANY one, upon hearing it, doubt that Rose is your daughter, and doesn\’t NEED a new family?   I will pray for those people.  I know full well how it is to love a picture of a child, and the thought of the child, with all that is within you…but I would like to think tht I would be sensitive enough to realize that no matter how much I loved her, that this was not the child for me.  So it must be a bit hard for them, too.  Please know that I and others are storming the gates of Heaven for you all!
    Hugs!!!!!   Nancy (proud and blessed Mama for almost TEN years now to ShaoXi, age 10 and 3/4s!!!!)

  34. Mark, Megan, Rose, and Grace,
    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  It is clear to everyone how loving your family is, and how much of a home you have made for Rose.  We pray that His will is done, and that we will be able to continue watching these girls grow up as sisters.
    Take care,
    Angie (Doan) Worzala

  35. My heart goes out to you.  I cannot even begin to understand what you are going through.  You, your family and especially Rose are in my prayers.  I dont see how another family after seeing your site could ever think that removing Rose from your home is best for her.  Again, please know we are praying for you.
    LID 2/11/07 for Grace Noelle  

  36. "Uncle" Mark, "Aunt" Megan, Rosie & Baby Grace,
    We are so thankful you are our  friends and part of our Tianjin family.  I\’ve seen your love for Rose bloom from those first thoughts of welcoming her into your home into welcoming her into your hearts and family  We are so glad that meant we got to know her too.  We are humbled by your open hearts and hands, by your deep love for Rose and Grace, by your desire to see and know God through each part of this journey.  How my girls love to play with Rose and Grace.  It is amazing that with Cassia, Amelia and Rose, 3 is company – not a crowd… as long as Grace has a bike to keep her busy!  We\’ve enjoyed watching Rose blossom in your home and have seen your joy increase as well.  We are standing with you in prayer that Rose will remain at home with you and here with us all.  The Lord is faithful  – we know you are in good hands.  Love, The Keipkes – Eric, Raelene, Cassia and Amelia

  37. Our hearts are so saddened as we think of your possibility of losing Rose. In her eyes YOU are her Mommy and Daddy, and Grace is her baby sister whom she adores.  We can not imagine what her little heart would think and feel if she were torn from her warm and secure home.  How much can this precious little one endure?  I believe that if the family she was matched with heard of her current situation and of how YOU are home to her, that they would not want to put her through yet another traumatic transition.  Rose is so young and has learned to open her heart again–she needs to be shown that she was right to trust again.  I pray that this "error" that has been made will be recognized and that God will amaze us with how He will show Himself strong in this difficult, difficult time.  God says He can be trusted.  We will trust Him with you. 
    Love and prayers,
    Paula and Brian

  38. Heard of your sitituation thru Holly @ TSI.  Our prayers are with you and know that God loves you and Rose and Grace more than you could ever realize and he wants what is best for her and your family.  We will intercede that your family will remain intact and all of this crazy paper work will smoothly resolve.Blessings,Frances in Texas

  39. We posted a note on Mark\’s page but then saw this one as well. As a family through international adoption, we do understand the the complications which can arise. During the process, one of our big concerns was that any child be unequivocally available for adoption. We couldn\’t bear the idea of upsetting a family or a child in the process. It is our sincere prayer that this entire situation is resolved in Grace\’s best interest. She will remember all of the turmoil at her age and so the less disruption she has, the better adjusted she will be. We pray that you enjoy your days with your girls and aren\’t worried because all things work together for good to those that love the Lord. With love, The Hubbards

  40. As soon as we received your web link and I saw the picture of your beautiful family, I knew I recognized your daughter.  We also saw her on the agency waiting child list.  I fervently hope the family who is pursuing her adoption will come to realize that they need to act in the best interest of Rose.  I cannot imagine the heartache they must be feeling, however, she was meant to be with your family.  I will pray every day that your family is able to stay together, and that the other family will find the daughter they were meant to have.
    Good luck!
    Donna Sadowsky

  41. Mark and Megan,
         We are praying for you.  Praying that God, who can orchestrate what we are unable to do, will make a way for you to adopt Rose.  We are also praying for the other family wanting to adopt a child; that they also would be matched with the right child.  May you have peace and joy in knowing that God is in control; that He is our perfect provider.
    Your cousins,
    Jeanna and Rachel

  42. Dear Mark and Megan,
    It\’s with a heavy heart that I write to you guys after having prayed with Jeanna about your situation. We haved already learned to love Rose and Grace as our new cousins-being cousins to you all already.  I just want to say that as a mother to 3 adopted children, and as a past social worker for the state of Indiana, I can\’t imagine the trauma that this little girl is going to be going through having to adjust to yet another family who claim to love her as \’their little girl\’.  It doesn\’t take a degree in child psychology  to express what this child is going to be faced with-after having newly adjusted so well to you and her new baby sister Grace.  Learning to trust again is not going to be easy for Rose and the baggage an adopted child can carry with her goes on for years as to her ability to assimilate to another family.  I will continue to pray that the new family will realize that they are not emotionally involved at this point with Rose and can just as easily become emotionally involved with another precious little girl that doesn\’t already have a family and extended family who love and accept her as one of their own.  Our hearts are breaking with you as we of course know how much one loves their children without exception.  Love and prayers, Rachel Reedy

  43. Hi, Mark and Megan, sorry to know that you guys are having trouble with Rose\’s adoption. You guys altogether are so happy! I\’m sure it would be in Rose\’s best interest if she stays with you. Everything will be alright. Best wishes,Matt and Minna

  44. Dearest Megan & Mark,
    We are very much with you today in our thoughts and caring, and in the days ahead. "Do not fear for I have redeemed you;  I have called you by name, you are mine.  When you pass throught the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned and the flame shall not consume you.  
     Because you are precious in my sight, and honored. and I love you.—-
     Do not fear, for I am with you."
    Much, much love,
    Aunt Ro and Uncle Jerry

  45. Mark & Megan,
    We wanted you to know our hearts ache for you and what\’s going on.  Please know that we, our Young Adults group and our Church are praying for you during this difficult time.
    Love always,
    Tom, Laura & Emma

  46. Would that we could put feet to our prayers and make the right thing happen for Rose and the other children like her.  Thank God for folks like you who ar e more than willing to give of yourselves that the least of these may have a chance.,

  47. Hi Megan,It\’s really great to see you and your family happily live toghther.Hope you health and happpy every single day:)I\’m wondering if you could give me the tel/address of the orphanage and perhaps I could give some help and find some volunter work to do during my weekend:) Many thanks Your Spring

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