a signing fool!

I’m becoming a huge proponent of teaching sign language to little tots.  Although verbally our little gal has a lot to say, it would take quite a bit of imagination on our parts to search for any recognizeable words.  But sign language — that’s a completely different story!  Some friends gifted us with a set of DVDs called SigningTime! that teach sign language to kids.  Grace LOVES them, and even better, she’s catching on!  She has been signing "eat" "shoes" "more" and "ball" for some time now, but her most recent three took me completely off guard.  One afternoon we were reading a book and came across a picture of an apple, and she just looked and me and signed "apple!"  (Granted, you’re supposed to twist your finger by your cheek, and hers was in her ear, but still!)  Yesterday when getting out her snack I said, "Do you want some cheese?" and she pushed her palms together and twisted.  (Yep, that’s cheese!)  And then my favorite:  we were getting ready to head out of the apartment, when Grace started wildly slapping her leg (the sign for dog).  It took me a while to figure out what was going on, and then realized there was a dog barking outside!  She now goes into a slapping frenzy at the sight or sound of any dog  whether it’s when we’re out for a walk or reading one of her books.  However, I must admit we’ve got a bit of overgeneralization going on here.  She also slaps wildly for cats, a picture of a dinosaur in one of her books, and once, a car alarm 🙂 

One thought on “a signing fool!

  1. it\’s so cool that you guys can communicate better! Hey, Megan , got your message on my space. didn\’t mean to surprise you guys, it\’s just that i was too lazy and so much was going on at that time. Now you know it:). By the way, in winter when will you guys be staying in Indiana?

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