Grace Noel and her bag of tricks

Little Grace has been keeping me on my toes, so there’s been little time for blog updates.  But since her 1 year birthday is approaching in a matter of hours, I thought I’d take some time to make a little "bag of tricks" list for our little gal.
Grace Noel is good at:
1. squealing
2. standing all by herself
3. eating a WHOLE banana at one sitting
4. speed crawling
5. getting into very small spaces and just hanging out
6. saying "baby" when pointing to anything/everything
7. splashing in the bathtub
8. riding on the back of mommy’s bike
9. bobbing her head to music
10.  "reading" her books
11.  tearing the pages out of MY books
12.  waiting to wave bye-bye until several seconds AFTER the person has already left
13.  playing peek-a-boo
14.  slurping up her noodles
15.  guzzling from her sippy cup
She’s great great fun.  

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