and off we go!

Today was another exciting milestone, which once again included a visit from the EMS man.  We received the document entitled, "Notice of Coming to China for Adoption" which basically means: WE CAN GO GET OUR BABY GIRL!  We’ll leave this weekend for Wuhan and will have her in our arms on Monday, June 12th.  We’ll spend the week in Wuhan completing paperwork and getting aquainted.  Please pray that Grace would feel safe and loved even with the many transitions, and that God would give us wisdom to know and understand her needs.  We are so thankful, and can’t wait till the first time we see her smile!

3 thoughts on “and off we go!

  1. I\’m so happy for you two! I can\’t believe Grace will be with you on Monday! What an amazing…long awaited for… miracle! You are all three in my prayers and I can\’t wait to see pictures and hear stories…and hopefully meet your little one in a few months!!

    Much much love and excitement!


  2. Mark & Megan,

    Best of luck with Grace. Chongyang babies are unusually healthy. Enjoy this wonderful – and stressful time!
    Michele – Mom to Chong Si Li (adopted 2-21-06)

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