Easter on Shanxi Road

We decided to ride our bikes to the Easter service at Shanxi Rd Church last Sunday morning.  (A swell idea, by the way, except for the fact that my hairdryer broke and spring just keeps refusing to arrive.  That combo made for a pretty chilly wet-haired bike ride!)  After taking a short-cut on our bikes that ended up being not as short as we’d hoped, we slipped into some seats our friends had saved for us.  Their plan to save us some seats was ALSO a swell idea, since the church was packed long before the service began.  Not a seat, or even inch of stairwell or floorspace to be found!   Over 200 baptisms, the Hallelujah chorus, some fabulous children’s choir performances, and a message I almost even understood.  A wonderful Easter morning!  Check out more pictures in the "spring in Tianjin" folder.

3 thoughts on “Easter on Shanxi Road

  1. looks like a very big church…nice pix..Glad to hear that your chinese has got better enough to understand the message.. probably inspired by the spirit rather than the language skill..hehee

  2. Hi Megan !   I LOVE your website!   The service you mentioned sounded awesome..we\’d like to go one Sunday.
    I have a question….how do you get photos into your blog?
    I can upload them to my photo section…but not on the blog section. If you can help me I would say  XIE XIE !!
    Love from your pengyou,

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