choo choo trains

This morning I learned how to make a train from a chocolate wafer, bits of banana and apple, a strategically placed marshmallow, and topped with a lollipop.  Wednesday mornings I get to hang out with an adorable gang of toddlers and their moms for a time of singing, learning, playing and praying.  It’s so fun and I feel that I’ve already been blessed so much by examples of wise parenting!  (and of course, learning how to make edible trains is a fun bonus)  

4 thoughts on “choo choo trains

  1. my hostess, Rachel made a train chocolate for Matthew\’s 4th birthday and she was knackered..haahaa….looking forward to seeing the pix of Grace..lovexxx

  2. Thomas and his friends are so popular in the UK, along with bob the builder, postman pat, fireman sam and percy the park keeper…..Matthew is a big fun of Thomas but i quite fancy  fat controller,,heehee

  3. Came across your site by accident as I was searching for some friends of ours named "Mark and Megan," and was intrigued by your story and especially the pics of your trip to Vietnam! Very interesting! How did you come to live in China?

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