and so we wait . . .

I called "Bridge of Love" services today . . . this organization serves as somewhat of a liason between adoptive families and the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs)  I’d heard from some others recently that the wait times for adoptions were increasing, and with our expected referral date fast approaching, I decided to do a bit of research on the status of our dossier. 
A little background:  the referral.  For those of you less familiar with adoption lingo, this is a packet of information about the child that we’ve been waiting for.  The referral will tell us about the little miracle God is bringing into our family . . . we’ll see her picture, learn where she’s from, how old she is, maybe even be blessed with some descriptors of her personality or games she likes to play.  We then send a response accepting the referral, and a few weeks later receive permission to get her and bring her home.  We were told to expect about a 4-month wait for the referral, and with March 14th as the 4-month mark, this is an exciting time.  
Our anticipation has been growing!  Mark checks our mailbox daily (I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but since we almost NEVER get real mail, mailbox checks aren’t a high priority)  Today as I was turning the key to get into our apartment, I thought I saw something sticking out from under the door.  My heart skipped a beat.  "Is that an envelope?  The referral?"  Never mind that it was RED and actually the welcome mat and come to think of it, didn’t look like an envelope at all.  The point is, we’re eager. 
So I called Bridge of Love and spoke with Laura, who was extremely helpful and gracious.  She gave CCAA a call for us and called me back.  The good news is . . . our dossier is safe and sound at the CCAA office, everything seems to be in acceptable order, it’s been logged in, translated, and is currently awaiting review . . .
But as for the actual REFERRAL, they say wait ’til May or June.
The news is pretty disappointing.  My parents had planned to visit us and our new little girl for a few weeks in May, and I’ve been so looking forward to that time together.  In addition, Mark has friends that have made plans to visit in June, and we are hoping to be able to visit the States during the 3-week window our contract allows in July.  A May or June referral sort of throws all of these plans up in the air, leaving us to . . . well . . . just wait.
And so we wait.  Thankfully, this is all in hands much bigger and wiser than ours, and we know and trust and believe His timing is best and His plan perfect.  I also know that when we do have Grace Noel in our arms, this longer-than-expected wait won’t matter at all.
Thanks for loving us and our daughter-to-be and being a part of this journey with us. 

5 thoughts on “and so we wait . . .

  1. Hey there Meg!
    I\’m sooo sorry about the new wait time for Grace! I know that has to be such yucky news to receive. If we got that news after our 10 month wait I\’d say… "ahh, stink!" too! Hopefully all will get through quicker than they say…. Know that Drew & I are constantly remembering you, Mark & baby Grace! I can\’t wait to hear about the joyful day to come!

    And by the way… I understand the part about seeing things that aren\’t really there! We check the mail EVERY day too… and I have a personal relationship w/ our postal worker!!!

    Keep your chin up!

  2. hi meg, what a shocker…yet we trust  it\’s all in HIS control….love u and you will have to let me babysit Grace when i visit u…hoho…

  3. Hi
    Enjoying your blog:) We too are waiting patiently for our refferal.  We were LID on Dec 9, 2005.  We were first told that the time frame between LID and referral was approx. 6 – 7 months but that time frame has recently been updated to 8 – 9 months.  Looking forward to following your journey.
    Lorraine & Rowan – Canada

  4. Mark and Megan,  we are sorry to hear about the delay.  God\’s timing is perfect, but it sure can be hard on our hearts sometimes.  May your hearts be steadfast!

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