New Year travels

The day after Christmas Mark and I hopped on a train to make our way south . . . not so much in search of warmer weather, but to visit some new places and old friends.  We stopped in Nanjing and visited with our friends the Cheeleys, and then on to Shanghai to see Portia, Christine, and Dragon.  Look for the "New Year Travel" folder in the Slideshow and read the captions to learn more about our trip . . .  

2 thoughts on “New Year travels

  1. What a great new year! You took some awesome pictures and how fun to see the picture of the Cheeley\’s with their TWO little girls! Much Love, Steph

  2. Hi Megan! How fun to see your comment on my fotolog. It\’s so great to get your updates. I AM still working with ELIC… I\’m the new UTP program counselor believe it or not. I love So. Cal, but I miss China a lot. good to see pictures and that you\’re doing well. Peace, R

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