the wanna-be guitar player

that’s me!  I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar forever  . . . and have made sporadic progress here and there throughout the years.  Dear Paula bought me a guitar years ago when we were in Changchun, and even had a little class for me and some of our Chinese friends in the dorms.  We learned how to play the praise chorus "You are Good" and to this day, that’s the song that I play with the most gusto!  On Valentines day Mark gave me a book on guitar playing, which gave me some "umph" for a bit, but not for long.  I must admit, one of my weaknesses is consistency and follow-through  But I’m pretty darn excited as I write, because tonight I stumbled upon a guitar teacher!  Nicole is a co-worker of Mark’s, new to Tianjin this year year, enthusiastic and says she LOVES teaching others how to play the guitar!  Her energy is just the "kick in the pants" that I need.  Lessons are set for Thursdays, and until then I’ll be working on building up some callouses.  Hooray!!!  

3 thoughts on “the wanna-be guitar player

  1. i love that you made the bangs plunge too!i really, really do! send me some pics if ya get the chance of what it looks like. *we had a yellow thanksgiving too….but it was goooood. i think there may have been some vegetables somewhere, but i didnt have any!* what\’s mark doing in the tropics without you?!

  2. It is brilliant that you can find someone to teach you to play guitar. This reminds of the lovely song which you played for us before. Dear Megan, thank you for visiting my Msn space. I will write something in English sometimes. I bet your Chinese is excellent as well. Love to see you in Shanghai soon:)

  3. Hi MeganWhat a fabulas site! Your onderful picture collections make me want to travel so badly. What a wonderful opportunity to take up a guita lesson! I always wanted to learn how to guita too. Maybe you can be my teacher some day!Minnie

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