Thanksgiving in tropical Thailand!!!!

Sounds fun, huh?  That’s how Mark is celebrating Thanksgiving this year!   As for me, I’ll be in Chinese class as usual in good old Tianjin China, which has just recently entered long-underwear season. 
TIS teachers are all at a conference in Thailand this week, which puts a bit of a spin on Thanksgiving.  I’ll be celebrating tomorrow with some other wives and kids left behind at an as-yet undecided but sure to be fabulous location.  🙂 
Tonight, in the spirit of the season, I bought A LOT of sweet potatoes.  My original plan was to pass out something yummy and Thanksgiving-ish to my classmates on Thanksgiving morning, but since it’s after mid-night on T-giving Eve, it looks like I’ll have to make a shift to Friday.  I think my classmates (Japanese and Korean) will let it slide . . . 

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