adoption update

The last week or so has been full of happy "progress" towards our adoption . . . The I-171H came in on the 7th (Mark’s birthday!) . . . our authenticated homestudy came on the 12th, yesterday we went to the US embassy in Beijing to get our letter of introduction and some notarizations, and today . . (drumroll, please . .) 
 Today we sent in our dossier! 
Ahhh . . . the dossier.  This pink folder is filled with everything you’d ever want to know about the Wickershams, and oh so much more.  It’s all stamped and sealed and notarized and chopped, and is probably currently on an EMS truck on its way to the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs in Beijing. 
Sending this off truly is a milestone.  I made Mark take pictures all along the way, and we even got a shot of the post office worker who helped us.  I don’t think she has too many customers who ask if they can have her picture, but we explained that it was an important day for us and we wanted to remember the day.  She kindly agreed.  🙂 
So now, we wait.  Probably about four months.  Please pray for our little girl, for her care in these days before God brings her into our family.  And please pray for us.  That God would prepare us to be the parents that she needs.   
Below and in the slideshow to the left you can view some pictures from the last week.  See the cute stickers on our dossier folder?!?  Compliments of Grandma Downs!  🙂   

2 thoughts on “adoption update

  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful looking dossier you have! It is sure to get CCAA\’s attention and move you right on through :). We are praying for you and your daughter as you prepare to meet in a few months.

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