a surprise visit and “trick or treat!”

Yesterday afternoon I got an exciting call — my friend Jessie, who I got to know during my years in Changchun, was in Tianjin on business!  Since it was Halloween and we were expecting trick-or-treaters, Jessie and I stayed in our apartment, ate pizza, passed out candy, and just talked and talked and talked.  It was wonderful to catch up with this dear friend who I haven’t seen in such a long time.  Thanks, Jessie, for finding me in Tianjin!!!  Below is a picture of Jessie and me, of Teresa and Laura as a princess and fairy, Philip the pumpkin, and Jessie trying her hand at passing out candy. 

2 thoughts on “a surprise visit and “trick or treat!”

  1. Dear Megan and Mark, We haven\’t been able to respond to you as we would wish, but our hearts reach out to you with love and caring.  We have been remembering you much and your concerns about  Rose.  We will be especially remembering you today and tomorrow.  Your future is sure and good!  Just as a shepherd watches his flock, so you will be cared for.
    Much much love to all of you,
    Aunt Ro and Uncle Jerry

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