Mr. “什麽都会”

Today I want to tell you about Yang Shifu, a man known and loved by all of us in LDI.  I like to call him "Shen me dou hui!"  which means something like "Can do it all!"  He likes to call me "Ma Ke Tai Tai" which means "Mark’s wife" or probably more accurately, "Mrs. Mark"   
He’s sort of the handyman of our apartment complex, and has done countless things to help us out.  Is your sink leaking?  Lock sticking?  Need a curtain rod installed?  Some shelves?  Having problems with the air conditioner?  Wondering where to get a vacuum cleaner repaired?  Yang Shifu is your man.   But that’s not the end of his talent.  He’s picking up English, and it’s awesome.  Now when he calls, he’ll say, "Can I come to your home now?" in slightly broken, but perfectly understandable English.  His "fix-it-up" English vocabulary is growing as well.  "Drill" and "screwdriver" he’s got down, and a few days ago I taught him "blinds." 
Thank you, Yang Shi fu, for all you do!  
Below is a picture of him installing shelves this morning. 

2 thoughts on “Mr. “什麽都会”

  1. Hi Megan and Mark. Love the site. We got our referral this past weekend and want to send you photos but don\’t have your email address. Can you send us a note at our elic address and then we\’ll reply. So stoked for you guys too!! Andy & Brooke

  2. hi my friend, i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciated you coming to see me this past week. The high that I received will probably keep me going through the rest of the month! love u girl! oh! btw, i also have that shirt that your wearing in the pic with you and mark!

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