from the mouths of babes . . .

Each Monday afternoon I get to spend time with little Laura Workman while her mom teaches class at TIS.  Laura is 2 and was adopted into the Workman family last year at about this time.  She is an adorable, smart, and talkative little girl.  We’ve had lots of fun together on Mondays — making cookies, going to the park, painting nails, even buying groceries (which she insisted on carrying home BY HERSELF!)  Her ability to communicate verbally is growing by leaps and bounds, and she cracks me up!  Last Monday, after a nail-painting session, she walked into our bedroom and took a moment to look around and survey the situation.  Now I admit that some of my clothes were just kind of thrown on the floor, but I still wasn’t prepared for a not-yet 3 year-old’s commentary.  "So dirty!"  she exclaimed, shaking her head . . . and then topped it off with, "What a mess!" 

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