an evening at the university

Last night I visited my old teaching stomping grounds, Tianjin Foreign Studies University.  I spent some time at on on-campus coffee shop with two students who have become dear friends, and a young American woman who just arrived in Tianjin last month.  We had a nice evening of sharing about our language learning challenges, friends, and what we’ve been learning in our life and walk in general.  We also ordered a chocolate "muffin" from the menu, which was really closer to a waffle — but who really cares, as long as it’s chocolate!  As I was leaving I ran into several of my former students who invited me to attend a performance they’ll be putting on in a few weeks.  The theme of the performance has something to do with the Oscars, and the student that I was talking to was going to be playing the part of Angelina Jolie.  And you know what? . . . she kind of looks like her!  Honestly!   

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